Prada (Jass Manak) Piano Notes

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Song : Prada
Singer : Jass Manak
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3
Classical Sargam Notes :
Guitar / Piano Chords :
Staff Sheet :

Akhaan utte tere aa Prada sajjna
D+E+ E+E+E+E+G+F+E+ D+D+ D+D+
Assi time chakkde aa dadda sajjna
GD+D+D+ D+D+G+D+ D+E+E+E+ D+E+
Kaali Range vich rehna velly taad’da
D+E+ E+E+E+E+G+F+E+ D+D+ D+D+
Thonu chehra disda ni sadda sajjna
GD+D+D+ D+D+G+D+ D+E+E+E+ D+E+

Tere piche saak shadd aayi aa 40
C+D+ D+E+E+E+ E+F+F+E+ D+E+D+C+
Gori jatti ghumme Bentley ch kaali
C+D+ D+E+E+E+ G+F+F+E+ D+E+
Prada akhan laa ke dekh lae

Har saah utte naam bole tera
C+D+E+ E+E+ E+G+F+E+ D+E+D+C+
Kinna kardi ae jatta jatti tera
C+D+E+ E+E+ E+G+F+E+ D+E+D+C+
Tu yaari kera la ke dekh lae
D+D+D+C+ E+D+C+BA..G

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