Afghan Jalebi (Ya Baba) Phantom Piano Notes

Bollywood 2015 Latest Songs Piano Notes Available Exclusively On Piano Daddy. Afghan Jalebi (Ya Baba) From Movie Phantom Piano Notes Available Only On Piano Daddy With Video Piano Tutorial. Afghan Jalebi (Ya Baba) Sung By Asrar (Syed Asrar Shah).

Song : Afghan Jalebi (Ya Baba)
Movie : Phantom
Singer : Asrar (Syed Asrar Shah)
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3
Classical Sargam Notes:
Guitar / Piano Chords :

Makhtool jigar (ya baba)
D+D+D+D+D+ (D+D+D+)
Qaatil hai nazar (ya baba)
D+D+D+D+D+ (D+D+D+)
Ik mehjabin (ya baba)
D+D+D+D+D+ (D+D+D+)
Ik noor-e-nabin (ya baba)
D+D+D+C+F+D+ (D+D+D+)

Rab ki rubaai (ya baba)
F+F+E+F+E+D+ (D+D+D+)
Ya hai tabaahi (ya baba)
F+F+E+F+E+D+ (D+D+D+)
Gardan surahi (ya baba)
C+AC+D+D+ (D+D+D+)
Boli ilaahi (ya baba)
F+E+F+E+D+ (D+D+D+)
Afghan Jalebi
Mashooq farebi
Ghayal hai tera deewana
Bhai wah, bhai wah
AD+D+, D+E+F+

Bandook dikha dikha ke kya pyar karegi
AD+C+D+E+ F+E+D+, AC+BC+D+C+
Chehra bhi kabhi dikhana bhai wah
Bhai wah bhai wah bhai
D+G+G+F+E+D+ C+D+D+

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