About Sanchit Telang (The Piano Daddy)

Sanchit Telang

Name : Sanchit Telang
Work As : Owner & Manager
E-mail : sanchit@pianodaddy.com
Website : www.pianodaddy.com

Hey Friends, I am Sanchit Telang from Indore (M.P.) India. Music is my passion and my hobby. I love to play Piano, Guitar and Singing. I am playing Harmonium and Keyboard since i was 9 year old. I have won so many Music Competitions at school level and Gave lots of live stage performance on State and National Level. Apart from Music I (Sanchit Telang) am a IT person. In professional life i am working as a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) in IT Company. Internet Adventures, Tricks and Doing MASTI is my Second favorite hobby.

Founded and Motive : Piano Daddy Website is founded in Year 2010. In 2010 Piano Daddy is only a simple info website about Sanchit Telang. But in 2011 I have Redesign Piano Daddy website for those who heartly want to learn music but don’t have enough time and money. From Piano Daddy Website, I want to share my knowledge to you all in a very simple manner.

I am getting Mails from my users that How Piano Daddy Website helping them to learn Piano online in very easy way. So many requests of many languages songs and for video tutorials i daily got. I feel very happy to know that Piano Daddy Website is now helping to build your dream to play Piano or Keyboard like a professional.

What Piano Daddy Provides : Piano Daddy Provides you Piano Notations of Different languages like Hindi Songs Piano Notes, English Songs Piano Notes, Tamil Songs Piano Notes, Marathi Songs Piano Notes, Telugu Songs Piano Notes for now. I am also moving to more languages like Punjabi Songs Piano Notes , Bengali Songs Piano Notes, Kashmiri Songs Piano Notes, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam etc. Apart from Notes, i also provides Piano Video Tutorials, Harmonium Notes (Sa Re Ga Ma) on Piano Daddy.

New Project : Sargam Book is a new project in our Musical World, Managed by Titiksha Telang. Titiksha Telang is an Indian Classical Musician and working on her New Project “Sargam Book”. By Saggam Book project Titiksha wants to share her Classical Based Music knowledge to world. You can easily learn Indian Classical Music online on Sargam Book.

I am continuously working to provide you quality service. If you have any questions related with website or have any suggestions please feel free to contact me on sanchit@pianodaddy.com

Websites We Currently Have :
1. www.pianodaddy.com (Western Piano Notes & Theory)
2. www.sargambook.com (Classical Music Notes & Theory)
3. notes.pianodaddy.com (Western Piano Notes & Theory)
4. freenotes.pianodaddy.com (Western Piano Notes)
5. sheetmusic.pianodaddy.com (Professional Piano Sheets)
6. sms.pianodaddy.com (SMS, Wishes And Festive Messages)
7. usa.pianodaddy.com (USA Special’s Songs)
8. sargam.pianodaddy.com (Classical Music Notes)
9. en.pianodaddy.com (USA Songs Piano Notes)
10. oldsongs.pianodaddy.com (Old Hindi Songs)
11. hi.pianodaddy.com (Latest All Languages Songs)
12 www.mastigroup.com (Various Topics)
13.www.sargamnotes.com (Classical Music Website ~ Coming Soon)

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Keep Rocking With Piano Daddy.
Love You All 🙂
Sanchit Telang