Aali Aali (Spyder) Piano Notes

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Song : Aali Aali
Movie : Spyder (2018)
Singer : Brijesh Tripati Sandilya, Harini, Jogi Sunitha
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3
Classical Sargam Notes : www.sargambook.com
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Hey! Mochakotta Mochakotta
AF+F+D#+D#+D+ D+D+D+D+
Muzhiya Paathu Naan
D+D+D+ D+D+ D+
Uchukkotta Uchukkotta
F+D#+D#+D#+ D#+D+D+D+

Nee Pacha Maram Pacha Maram
AF+F+D#+D#+D+ D+D+D+D+
Pọla Nikka Naan
D+D+D+ D+D+ D+
Ichuppazham pichikkitten
F+D#+D#+D#+ D#+D+D+D+

Enna Adichhu Thuvaichu Pinna
D+D+ C+D+C+D+D+, D+D+
Kasakki Pulinju
Kalar Kọdaiyl Maatti
Kọnjam veyilil vatti
D+D+ C+D+C+D+D+
Enna iduppula iduppula
D+D+ D+C+C+C+C+ C+BbBbA
Suthikittu Suthikittu
Puthikittu Pathikittava

Aali Aali
Hey! Aali Aali Yalini
F+G+A+G+F+ F+E+G+F+D#+D+

Aali Aali
Hey! Aali Aali Aalini
F+G+A+G+F+ F+E+G+F+D#+D+

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